Less salt, Less Water Consumption


No Electricity

Delta Water Softeners function only by the hydraulic pressure on the incoming water (city water, well water.) Delta appliances have no motors nor electric wires. We simply don’t need them! The moving parts are brought into movement by a dynamic pressure starting from 0.8 bar.

A Delta softener is one unit, developed and produced by one and the same manufacturer: Delta Water Engineering. All parts fit perfectly together. That is the reason why we can achieve, with smaller appliances, results that other manufacturers can only dream of.

Delta softeners can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The softeners are entirely composed of white synthetic material of foodgrade quality, which allows the appliances to be installed without any problem at companies active in the food industry, public kitchens, medical laboratories and so on.

  • No electricity
  • Compact dimensions
  • Up to 60% less water consumption
  • Up to 50% less salt consumption
  • High Flow rates